Jackson, Louisiana

Bio: My name is Cutrina Moore. I am from Jackson, Louisiana. I graduated from Jackson School Complex in 1997. I just graduated from Ayers Career College in 2014. I enjoy writing, playing basketball, listening to music, reading, and shopping.

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    1. lovabletm24 Post author

      You’re welcome, no problem. Thanks for the comment. You can follow me on twitter, google plus, and facebook.
      Thanks again. Share my content if you knwo wnyone who can benefit from it.


    1. lovabletm24 Post author

      Hey, thanks for the like. I couldn’t agree with you more about our blogs. I do love to read tho. I see you have books category. Sometimes its good when things aren’t exactly alike. Thats how we learn different things. You can go check out my other website http://informationintelligent.com. You can follow that website as well. Just sign up to the mailing list. Follow me on twitter, google plus, and facbeook. If you like my website leave a comment and go to my facebook fan page and hit the like button.



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