How to Improve Your Jump Shot

There are five different spots on the court to select from when it comes to how to improve your jump shot.  There are various types of shots as well.

The spots on the court consists of four different ranges. These ranges include deep range, long range, mid range, short range, and point blank range.

There are differnet types of shots involved as well. They include free throws, jump shots, banks shots, long 2 and 3 pointers, and layups.

When you get a shot off, your confidence level is more important than where you decide to shoot the ball from.  You are going to miss shots sometimes.

Do not let that discourage you.  You need to be prepared to shoot each shot the same way.

You need to forget about the missed shots and the made shots very quickly.  The only way to increase confidence and build comfort is to never stop shooting.

When you practice, shoot a few hundred jump shots. This is one of the ways on how to improve your jump shot.

Shooting jumps shots from the dotted line around the rim can be a little difficult. The jump shot is close range.  You should begin from within if you want to improve your long range, mid, and close range shooting.

Try to shoot as many as you can. Excellent form is developed as well as great muscle memory. Once you get the form, flick and follow through.  Then, you can advance further out.

The power in your jump and your release needs to be adjusted as well.


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